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Qualitative Research-
Qualitative research facilities offered by Intex are delivered using skills of experienced professionals who help in successfully gathering in-depth understanding of human behavior as well as specific reasons that govern human behavior.  We employ several research techniques to achieve this goal. The techniques are wide and not limited to:
• Focus Group Discussion
• One to One Interview (IDI’S)
• Ethnography Services
• Central Location Test
• Product Test Services
Quantitative Research-
The services offered under Quantitative Research include
• Mystery Shopping
• Brand Tracking image and positioning
• Demand Estimations
• Retail Audit
• Consumer Satisfaction surveys
• Concept Evaluation
• Corporate segmentation surveys
• Ad Test

Census & Social Research Program
We are specialists in census, opinion polling and mapping which helps clients make crucial decisions based on reliable data. Our experienced teams backed by industry professionals have wide knowledge in social research programs.
Online Research
We conduct online research to evaluate people, products and service performance online. Our online research services help our clients to integrate important business process with advanced technology in the shortest time possible
In Summary Intex provides

  • ISL customer experience        - Trends, Ethnography, Ideas, and segmentation
  • ISL Innovation                       - Concept, offering and pricing
  • ISL brand equity and marketing -Brand strategy, ad- pre test, brand and ad- tracking, brand touch point Effectiveness
  • ISL customer management     - Satisfaction and loyalty, mystery shopping
  • Public affair and corporate     - Community Social Responsibility Programs communication
    • Literature Review/Desk Research
      This involves collecting primary and secondary information from existing sources in order to provide suitable comparative analysis.
    • Data Collection Management
      We have a large number of well trained data collection teams spread across the region. All our field teams work under a Team Leader who ensure that quality control is maintained during data collection. Back-checks are carried out at regular intervals to minimize errors.
    • Data Management and Analysis
      We ensure maximum care in data entry, coding, cleaning and analysis. We use different formats such as ASCII, SPSS, and Quantum etc for data analysis. Transcriptions for Qualitative findings are provided on request.
    • Reports and Submissions
      We provide comprehensive reports of our findings with implementation roadmaps to yhe Management Team.
    • Follow-Up
      Where follow-up is required we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure success.

Schematic Template of Data Analysis


Since incorporation the Institute and its Affiliates has been providing Baseline Surveys to various organizations in the Public and Private Sectors

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