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Online training, also referred to as Computer Based Training (CBT) or E-learning (Electronic Learning) is basically where a computer and internet is used in exchange/deliver instructions, others may call it distance learning.

Initially, Computer Based Training received resistance from those who thought that if E-Learning is adopted, it would remove the human element from classrooms hence most people offering teaching services would be rendered jobless. However, as time progressed, we embraced technology and incorporated into our learning system as a major medium of interaction as well as lessons delivery.

In addition to lessons delivery, students and staff members get an opportunity for real-time feedback and live interaction with the instructor. Tests and quizzes and also delivered via online media through emails, chats or any other web-based medium.

Online training can be conducted at any time and any place. Here are some of the terms used to describe Learning delivered online are;

  • Online Learning/Training
  • Distance Education/learning
  • Computerized Electronic Learning
  • Internet Learning

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