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INTEX MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE LIMITED was established in 1980 to offer Human Resource Management Consultancy and Training Services for both large and medium organizations in the public and private sectors.  INTEX SERVICES LIMITED was incorporated to provide specialized Human Resource Development Services (Training), as well as Consultancy in Baseline Surveys and Market Research Surveys. As part of its social responsibility Intex Community Support Initiative (CBO) was established to provide community support services to the needy.

Our Philosophy is:

  • To help our clients excel
  • Guided by principles of best  practices
  • Guided by Objectivity
  • To maintain high level of integrity and confidentiality on information received in the course of our engagement
  • To observe agreed timelines and commitments
  • To maintain high standards of professional ethics
  • To provide post assignment assistance after the end of contract within the scope of the assignment to ensure effective implementation of the report.


Our Core Values

We adhere to the highest standards of fairness, justice and equality in our work. We relate to each other with honesty and candor. We maintain a strong work ethic, taking responsibility for our work and actions, keeping our word, and following through on our commitments.


We treat everyone with equal consideration and courtesy. We engage others with compassion, empathy and tolerance. To reach our full potential in intellectual vitality, innovation and flexibility, we are committed to an environment that is inclusive and diverse.


We are committed to excellence. We employ the best tools, people and resources to accomplish our work. We continuously improve our processes, procedures, and services to exceed the expectations of those we serve.



  • To provide Human Resource Management Consultancy and Training for a healthy and productive work force for organization's growth.


  • To be a leading Human Resource Management Consultancy and Training Service provider globally.

Our Motto

  • Simplifying the complex


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