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Grant Management

Intex Management Institute offers Online and Distance Learning Certificate Course in Finance Management from:

Start Date: 4th October 2017

Course End Date: 6th December 2017

Registration Deadline: 2nd October 2017
Grants Management

This certificate course is designed to equip participants on the practice of good Grants management. The course will equip participants with the ability to understand the Primary functional areas of Grants Management. The Grants Management Cycle will also be explored in depth.

The course is comprehensive on grants management and fundraising, spanning the grants lifecycle from pre-award through grant closeout.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to;

  • Identify and understand the critical terms and conditions of grant aid for donor-funded projects.
  • Ensure compliance with donor terms and conditions.
  • Understand the donor requirements in relation to supporting documents, correct procurement of goods and services and meeting financial reporting requirements.
  • Managing multiple-funded programmes.
  • Understand proposal writing and project planning 
  • Prepare a donor financial report to match with a project narrative report. 
  • Describe the phases in the grant management cycle clarify key responsibilities and routines
  • Develop grants management planning implementation and reporting tools.
  • Develop proposal writing skills, project planning and project problem analysis.

Course Outline

  • introduction: Fundamentals of Grants Management
  • Overview of Grants Management Cycle
  • Basic concepts in grant management
  • Key challenges in grant management
  • The grant management life cycle
  • Developing proposal
  • Project proposal writing
  • Project Planning
  • Project problem analysis
  • Grant Award Contract
  • Fundraising Tips, Implementation, Compliance


  • Managing key relationships for successful grant management
  • Types of costs
  • Procurement Procedures
  • Programme evaluation
  • Grant Reporting
  • Financial Documentation and Reporting

Course Organizers 

Intex Management Institute was registered in 1983. We have been offering a wide range of Human Resource Management training programs both online and open workshops, building capacity to enhance effective service delivery for NGOs, CBOs, Public and Private sector. 

Currently we are training participants from various organizations such as UNDP – Burundi, World Food Programme – Zimbabwe, Red Cross – South Sudan, State Ministry of Education – South Sudan, MEDAIR – South Sudan, AAH - South Sudan, CRF - South Sudan, Norwegian Refugee – Liberia, Zenab for Women Development - Sudan, Action AID, Word Health Organization, AMREF, USAID, National AIDs Control Council, International Committee of the Red Cross among others.

Training Format:

  • All materials are made available through Online or Distance Learning approaches
  • Approximately 5-6 hours time commitment of your time per week
  • At your own time schedule, no live participation needed
  • Weekly feedback from committed instructors
  •  Participants are expected to submit weekly assignments electronically to earn certificate of completion

Learning Materials
Course materials, Exercises and templates will be provided.

Course Exercises
Students are required to test their own learning by completing exercises and tasks for each unit of the course.

Course Assignments
Students will be required to submit four assignments to demonstrate their understanding of the course content.

Course Duration       :           8 weeks (2 months)
Target Region           :           Global
Course Fee              :           USD 400
Language                :           English
General Contact       :           Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Website                  : 

Grant Management

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